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Westwood Park & Westwood Highlands

Westwood Park & Westwood Highlands

There appears to be a greater sense of ownership here than in many other communities.


Welcome to Westwood Park & Westwood Highlands

Quieter than Sunnyside, the homes in this neighborhood are typically larger and more ornate, if not altogether more charming. There appears to be a greater sense of ownership here than in many other communities, but this could be because many homes are situated on larger parcels and are detached from one another. Typically, homes in this area include three to four bedrooms, two to three bathrooms, and the option of more than one parking space. However, the location is more remote, necessitating a higher reliance on an automobile. Westwood Highlands' elevation and natural geography were utilized to its advantage.

In contrast to the rest of San Francisco, which was organized around a grid, Westwood Highlands established a system of curved streets, which fit the area's steep terrain perfectly. Corner properties served a dual goal of complementing the curved streets and uniting the neighborhood together. With the intersection, the corner block established a private-public interaction. Corner lots in Westwood Highlands were built to face the roadway intersection diagonally. It was employed to gradually soften the relationship between public streets and the personal aspect of the houses, implying a more open neighborhood community.
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