Telegraph Hill

Telegraph Hill

Telegraph Hill is iconic, the San Francisco postcard centered around the Coit Tower.


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Telegraph Hill Neighborhood Guide: Telegraph Hill Character

Telegraph Hill is iconic, the San Francisco postcard centered around the Coit Tower. The houses on sale on Telegraph Hill are a mix of luxury condominium stucco-coated baignoy towers, the occasional TIC apartments, and renowned people's luxurious houses. Tourists, winding and tight streets between cable cars.

Telegraph Hill Amenities

Telegraph Hill is a beautiful neighborly neighborhood. The Coit Tower and the Filbert steps are the major focus areas, both fantastic spots to enjoy time outdoors and exercise. Not to mention, you can even glimpse Telegraph Hill's famous parrots. This neighborhood is within walking distance of good restaurants and nightlife.

What Else You Need To Know About Telegraph Hill

There will be spectacular improvements in the main streets, decaying buildings, and a tendency to take small lanes and dead-end streets. There are several multi-unit rental buildings in various degrees of disrepair which MBA types have merely financed structures that house very long-term (i.e., secured) tenants. While garage parking is the standard in Telegraph Hill houses for sale, parking is often scarce. Rents are high because filmmakers in the neighborhood focus on them. Check the homes below in Telegraph Hill to find your dream home in this iconic San Francisco neighborhood.

Telegraph Hill is largely a residential neighborhood with its lively cafes and nightlife, much quieter than nearby North Beach. Besides the Coit Tower, it is noted for its gardens which go down Filbert Street to Levi's Plaza.


Telegraph Hill is currently renowned for supporting a flock of feral parrots, mainly red-masked parakeets (Aratinga erythrogenys), from escaped or released animals. A book and related video (2003) entitled "The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill" popularized the flock.
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