Sunset District

Sunset District

The Sunset District is the largest in San Francisco to the west.


Welcome to Sunset District

The Sunset District is the largest in San Francisco to the west. Golden Gate Park is the northern border of the area, and Ocean Beach constitutes the community's western border. In the south, there is Sloat Boulevard. In the east, there is a dubious boundary about 7th Avenue. Since this area was created on a number grid layout and was mainly alphabetical, it is easy to traverse. Beautiful rows of homes adorn the "avenues" side of the Sunset, the vast bulk of the buildings were built between 1920 and 1950. However, the Sunset District is largely a residential area and offers many conveniences to stores, restaurants, schools, and parks. Public transport via Muni and bus stops are available all around the area, making it an excellent neighborhood for many homeowners

The district of Sunset includes several major parks and recreational places. The San Francisco Zoo is located on the southwest corner of Lake Merced, San Francisco's main lake. Several golf courses are located inside Lake Merced, including the private Olympic and San Francisco Golf Clubs and the TPC Harding Parks. Fort Funston is outside Lake Merced, currently part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area's ancient coastal battery. Fort Funston particularly has some of the surviving remains of the dune environment that formerly spanned the whole district of Sunset.

There is a farmers' market on 1315 8th Avenue throughout the year on Sunday morning (the parking lot between 8th and 9th Avenues). The market is run by the Market Association of Pacific Coast Farmers and supported by the Inner Sunset Park neighbors. The Inner Sunset Farmers' Market offers seafood, eggs, and meat from California and local food suppliers and artisans.

Stern Grove is noted for its annual summer festival, a highly forested park, and a theater on Sloat boulevard between 19th and 34th streets. There are three parks in the district's far eastern edge: a small, upscale park, with its 14th and 15th Avenues as well as Noriega Street in the north, Golden Gate Heights Park, just east of Quintara Avenue 14th; and Hawk Hill Park, also east of Santiago Avenue 14th. These natural regions belong to the remaining ridge-top system and feature some of the town's last remaining dunes.

Inner Sunset:

  • The Inner Sunset 1 (Closer to Lincoln and 19th Avenue). Here, you'll witness rows of Victorian/Edwardian houses across the street from some monster in the middle of the century, packed with young professionals with roommates, UCSF students (the University is one of the greatest medical and nursing schools). People always walk around, and parking can be problematic. There is also a great Asian influence in the area. Local shops and activities focus on 19th, 9th, and Irving Avenue, and Judah Streets. Lincoln, 7th Avenue, 9th Avenue, Irving, and Judah are the main thoroughfares.

  • The Inner Sunset 2 (Closer to UCSF and 5th Avenue). If you don't look at an income building or condo, you look at big Arts & Craft houses on 3rd-6th Avenues, beautiful houses, or condos on Hugo Street, all of which have experienced huge price gains in these last few years. On 8th and 9th Avenues, there is a clutch of the enormous house in the Golden Gate Heights and the Windsor Heights region, which feels like a Tahoe in SF. These homes are large with elements of character and era, woodwork, and a rich, huge atmosphere. While some were redone, they are not the overall / monotonous whitewash of all the charm that distinguishes these residence

Central Sunset:

  • These houses range from 17th Avenue to Sunset Boulevard. The dwellings here are the typical 2-bed 1-bad variant, but with larger floor spaces are improved blocks. Large houses usually have 3+ bedrooms, 1+ bathrooms, and Med-French château decorations (see parts, e.g., 25th, 33rd, and 35th Avenues) or are in style Edwardian Arts + Handicrafts. The larger houses have more than 1500-2000 sqft. Some of the houses have a remarkable view of the Golden Gate, and many are sitting on deeper and longer plots, depending on the block. These homes are quite likely to have been remodeled (typically tastefully too) at some point, and when it's foggy, there will be around 30 minutes less for a day than it would be on the beach.

    The people: (Fewer) original owners, mid-career children's professionals, professionals were working on the Peninsula, the multigenerational family, the people who use the in-law renter to offset the rent, or renters high rates.

Outer Sunset:
  • Homes here are stacked and more popular (and pricey) than people here that are priced from other parts of the city. The environment is getting prettier, as the frequency of warm and sunny days has increased here. The neighborhood can be foggy and monotone especially on treeless roads. Known for its good schools, Ocean Beach, N-Judah and L-Taraval MUNI lines. Odd-numerated houses in several ocean avenues, and houses on numerous avenues up the 1900 block, as they are nearer to the MUNI Lines and the Golden Gate Park, are worthwhile. Typical setup is 2 or 3 bedrooms with a bathroom, garage and more space in the background with smaller and more affordable homes at the Parkside area of the Outer Sunset. Watch for pest reports (more damp here), electric box of the Federal Pacific, old heaters and single-pane windows, typical dwelling area of 1000-1500 sqft.

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