Situated right outside St. Francis Wood and the Westwood Park is a quarter with a mix of the marina.


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Situated right outside St. Francis Wood and the Westwood Park is a quarter with a mix of the marina, artisanal and art-deco-style residences built with the Victorian straying here and there in the 1920s and 1940s. The area undergoes a population flux similar to that of Glen Park and Bernal Heights. You will see a few blocks more ahead of others in updating homes. The most popular setup here is the 2-3 room with 1-2 bathrooms and the garage with approximately 1200-1400 sqft. And as other neighborhoods became more valuable, many people looked again into the relatively "cool" sleepy area and loved what they saw. The region appears to be an extension of Glen Park because it is also on the southern path of Twin Peaks up to I-280. The schools in the neighborhood are good and draw families as well as the Sunnyside playground. Access to 280, 101, and Glen Park BART and more rooms are also available for potential purchasers. One thing that distinguishes homes is whether the noise on the highway can be heard or not.

North of Highway 280, Sunnyside is a medium-sized district lined by Glen Park communities to the east, Miraloma Park north, and Westwood Park/Highlands to the west. Furthermore, the San Francisco City College (CCSF) also has its main campus on the southern boundary of Sunnyside. The CCSF was constructed on the hillside of a former city prison until 1934. Since 2000, CCSF has been completely refurbished and upgraded, with greater sports facilities, contemporary buildings, proximity to the BART and MUNI, the largest urban college in the U.S. The main retail route is Monterey Boulevard, with modest businesses, restaurants, bars, and a security station from Acadia Street to Ridgewood Avenue.

In 1891, the neighborhood was created as a property for single-family homes and marketed by the Sunnyside Land Development Company. This company developed an electric highway to access the new downtown San Francisco neighborhood. This allowed expansion and established the day's "suburbs." Houses have been developed as custom residences. Developers bought several lots and usually constructed three to 10 similarly sized dwellings. The district was 75% built when World War II began in 1941. Construction began again in 1946 and finished in the 1980s.

The Sunnyside Neighborhood Association is Sunnyside's "voice" and was established in 1975.

The residents are highly diversified and come from every aspect of their lives. It is mainly a neighborhood in the median to the middle class, with 75% of the population owning their homes. The Sunnyside Park, renovated in 2009, features a recreational center, a playground for children, and a dog park. The Sunnyside Conservatory, built-in 1902, is a botanic garden and a refurbished hothouse on Monterey Boulevard and Congo Street. It was renovated in 2006 and currently serves community groups as a meeting and event venue.
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