St Francis Wood

St Francis Wood

Francis Wood is a southwestern residential neighborhood of San Francisco, California.


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Francis Wood is a southwestern residential neighborhood of San Francisco, California, to the south of West Portal and the west of Mount Davidson. St. Francis Wood's population in 2013 was 1,228, and its family median income was $144,719. St. Francis Wood has no visible enterprises and a similarly low profile compared to neighboring rich quarters, such as the Marina district and Pacific Heights, characterized by family houses on vast plots (by the San Francisco norms). St. Francis Wood is one of San Francisco's eight master-designed residential parks.

Long one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in San Francisco, St. Francis Wood's lovely enclave still benefits from the efforts of town planners, architects, and landscape artists to build the first genuine residential park of the country back in 1912. The houses of St. Francis Wood are still sought after for their views, harmony with the surrounding environment, and classic architecture. They are inspired by the City Beautiful Movement's principles, headed by famous architect Daniel Burnham. In reality, the area possessed the highest concentration of residences in San Francisco during its opening to house buyers, created by notable architects such as Julia Morgan and supervising architect John Galen Howard. By stressing beauty and calm in the surrounding countryside in the curvilinear street, these early planners set the standard high for urban living. Today, the extremely active homeowner association is in charge of landscape upkeep for the towering eucalyptus trees, lush green belts, beautiful fountains, and terraced squares. In terms of ownership pride, St. Francis Wood residents are in a class alone. Community norms established more than a century ago dictated the quality of life problems, as one may park a horse and impose a prohibition on enterprises. Fortunately, the lively district of the West Portal is just a few blocks north. Walk down this lovely avenue, and you will feel like you have returned in time only to find all the conveniences of today. A Muni line passes through the Western Portal to zap commuters in the city center.

Situated in the southwest corner of San Francisco, St. Francis Wood is a good example of the "Garden City" principles of quarter planning that were fashionable at the turn of the 20th century. The company Olmsted Brothers have drawn up the curved road plan and the neighborhood parks. John Galen Howard functioned as the first architect directing the entrance gates, the circle fountain, and other district facilities. In contrast to many home developments, which supplied stock designs, development companies from St. Francis Wood supported residences designed by famous architects for unique customers. Architects like Julia Morgan, William Merchant, Gertrude Comfort Morrow, and Harry Shepherd's landscape designs are strongly represented. Henry H. Gutterson has functioned as architect supervisory for most later homes. Most architects have not distanced themselves from the favored style: old English, French and Italian languages. The St. Francis Wood Home Association was founded by Duncan McDuffie in 1912 and managed parks and boulevards in the neighborhood. Today, much of the original purpose of Duncan McDuffie persists. St. Francis Wood is distinctly different from many of its surrounding districts. The wide range of streets, curved streets, and exquisite scenery give the area a getaway from the metropolitan hustle.

Easily mistaken for an enclave in Beverly Hills, no other neighborhood in the city finds more jackets than the amazing St. Francis wood with its omnipresent European influences, all encircled by enormous greenery. There is just one bus line, zero schools, and one single park (though it is luxurious), and although a true "high road" is lacking and the wet months can water both the lawns and the spirits, this zone is, in contrast to other areas, a paragon of quiet and natural beauty.
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