Sea Cliff

Sea Cliff

The views over the area and the Bridge, the Marin Headlands, and the ocean can be amazing.


Welcome to Sea Cliff

This upscale area faces the cliffs of Baker Beach on the point of the San Francisco Peninsula near the Golden Gate Bridge. The views over the area and the Bridge, the Marin Headlands, and the ocean can be amazing. The sunsets are wonderful here in the fall. This neighborhood is all on postcard views, you might think. Many homes have been transformed into postcard residences, but you will be able to pick up a fixer once in a while but be prepared to spend top dollars. Curvy and quiet streets. You're going to find bigger, larger homes on larger plots, so you're going to have homes.

The people: home to celebrities, old money, new money, financiers, and "homes throughout the world" draw their attention and status. Public transit is not the main issue when people park their BMW or Tesla spare parking on the street.

Sea Cliff neighborhood houses are wide, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Bridge Golden Gate, and Marin Headlands. In the vicinity are a small public beach called China Beach and Land's End National Park.
There are several buildings in Sea Cliff by notable architects:

  • 9, 25, and 45 Scenic Way, built-in 1914, Architect Willis Polk(1867–1924)
  • The Hanson House at 126 27th Avenue, built-in 1907, Architect John Charles Flugger(1865–1930)
  • 50 Scenic Way, built-in 1921 for Maude Strowbridge, Architect Julia Morgan(1872–1957)
  • 60 Mclaren and 455 Sea Cliff, Albert L. Farr(?– 1947).
  • Sea Cliff contains the residences for the consul generals of Switzerland, South Korea, The Netherlands.
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