Richmond District has simple yet wonderful options for the laid-back person.


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Richmond District seems to be quite under-appreciated. It lacks the luxury of the wealthier neighborhoods and the coolness of places like The Mission. Instead, it is like San Francisco itself, situated in the middle, creating a low-key environment. Richmond District has simple yet wonderful options for the laid-back person.

Before the Sunset, the land that is now on the north side of Golden Gate Park was occupied. While the streets are fuzzier, they are also wider and curvier. Generally, houses in the Sunset are larger than the Sunset and have an average of three to four bedrooms and one and a half bathrooms with parking. Single-family Edwardian or Arts and Crafts houses built in the early 20th century with wood floors and Spanish elements, such as roof tile or stucco, are some of the majestic and enormous Edwardian/Arts and Crafts mansions. For certain houses, you'll discover bigger fixers and restored houses that combine modern and classic styles. There are several forms of rental housing in four-unit condos or units and 4-unit condos and units in general. If you're scratching the bottom of your car on a driveway that has a higher entry, be wary.

The Those: People who want to buy, such as families with kids, are competing with developers, multigenerational families, renters, and people who own property to acquire properties in areas near both public and private schools.
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