Miraloma Park

Miraloma Park

The location of Miraloma Park has remained under wraps even for longstanding San Franciscans.


Welcome to Miraloma Park


This heavily residential neighborhood splits off of Portola Street and follows a curving road with front-facing garages packed closely together. There will be wood floors in the homes, with varied architectural aspects and single-pane windows; older systems will be part of the system. Stucco-clad 2-bedroom, 1-bath homes are most often found in marinas, art deco, and Spanish Mediterranean-style neighborhoods, with a higher concentration of refurbished ones having a tell-tale, darker, more modern look


Fun fact: Mt. Davidson's cross is in Miraloma Park, the highest point in San Francisco (928 feet above sea level). In all honesty, the location of Miraloma Park has remained under wraps even for longstanding San Franciscans. Residents of the neighborhood aren't bothered by the lack of tourist draw because that's all well with them. Miraloma School and slightly greater affordability than other northern neighborhoods have increased the popularity of the neighborhood. Boxy houses fill the streets, which slither and twist around the curves of the mountain. This is the greatest place for those looking for a simple, secure, and homey neighborhood.


The Miraloma Park neighborhood is located in the city's central area, east of Glen Canyon Park and west of Mount Davidson. Portola Drive is bordered on the north by Miraloma Park and the south by Sunnyside neighborhood. Sunnyside Playground is located on Foerster Street between Teresita Boulevard and Omar Way, and Miraloma Playground is south of Omar Way at Rockdale Avenue.

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