Midtown Terrace

Midtown Terrace

It's a rather peaceful neighborhood, but it's in the city center.


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Midtown Terrace is situated on the western slopes of Twin Peaks in the middle of San Francisco. The neighborhood was founded in 1957 and developed as a planned community, with the residences being located separately and isolated from each other. It's a rather peaceful neighborhood, but it's in the city center. There are a few houses that have the highest heights in the area. When you see the street names, the stories they tell are readily apparent: Cityview, Skyview, Clairview, Dawnview, Farview, and Longview. Many notable restaurants and retail establishments are nearby, along with the popular Twin Peaks and Midtown Terrace Playground. The Laguna Honda / Forest Hill Extension region is called Laguna Honda or Forest Hill Extension south of Dewey Boulevard. Forest Hill, except with smaller homes and moderate cost, contains another area referred to as the extension. The Laguna Honda Reservoir, at the confluence of Laguna Honda Boulevard and Clarendon Avenue, is where the name Laguna Honda originates.


Shopping is near the commercial district on one side of the hill and in Cole Valley and Irving Street, where you will find Mollie Stones. Neighborhood bus lines and hubs make public transportation quick and simple.


The Midtown Terrace neighborhood is located on the western slope of Twin Peaks in San Francisco. Begun in the late 1950s as a single-family residential development. Located on the north and west side of the community, Clarendon Avenue borders the area on both sides. Winding through the neighborhood, Panorama Drive leads to the lighthouse. Portola Drive stretches along the southern border of the community. The Twin Peaks overlook, which may be reached by following the twisting roadway that takes you there, lies on the eastern side of Midtown Terrace. The Midtown Terrace Recreation Center is located on Olympia Way, in the Clarendon neighborhood. Mount Davidson and Twin Peaks are included in the views.

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