Chris Sung

Chris Sung


Get to Know Me

As a San Francisco-native, Christopher Sung represents one of the top 1% Real Estate Teams in San Francisco that has accumulated over $100 million worth of transactional history. Christopher’s attentive, compassionate, and insightful nature makes him an intrinsic Realtor and businessman. At a young age, Christopher became closely involved in visiting multiple job sites as his father flipped homes across San Francisco. He quickly learned the value of real estate development and crafted a keen acumen in identifying investment opportunities. Having the privilege of growing up and living in over a dozen neighborhoods throughout the city, Christopher has developed a discerning eye for appreciating the micro-neighborhoods in San Francisco. His talent for discovering rare, hidden gems makes him a valuable asset for investors looking to build wealth through real estate investment opportunities. 

Prior to his career as a Realtor, Christopher pursued his passion in music and signed with a record-label in Taiwan. He even created his own record label with his friends and now acts as an advisor for the label. He used his natural eye for fashion, art, and color design to facilitate his father’s flip projects, turning his renovations into stunning works of art. Christopher manages his family’s real estate holdings and actively deals with the legal work of tenant laws in San Francisco. His superior communication skills, relentless commitment, and impressive creativity paves his road to succeed in whatever he puts his mind towards. Christopher has a well-rounded perspective in real estate that sets him apart and allows him to provide valuable advice to his clients. Whether it is purchasing your dream home or building your real estate investment portfolio, Christopher provides trustworthy advice as your reliable and dependable right-hand Realtor.