To Post or Not to Post: Tips for Selling Your Home Online


Want to generate top dollar for your luxury home listing? The path to a seamless and highly lucrative sale begins online.


Want to Generate Top Dollar for Your Luxury Home Listing? The Path to a Seamless and Highly Lucrative Sale Begins Online.

According to a report from the National Association of Realtors, the three most popular sources a homebuyer uses in their home search are online websites, real estate agents, and mobile apps. 93% of buyers venture online, while another 73% employ the use of an app.
In other words, if you want to sell a home, it must have an online presence. 
It's not enough to simply post a listing and wait for clicks—you want your home to stand out among a sea of other houses. But how do you make the most of an online listing to generate traffic, and ultimately, high-value offers?
Let's explore five tips for selling your home online.

Master the Basics

When selling your house online, you must first take a few traditional steps. These basic, non-digital tenets are a must before posting the listing and involve prepping your home—clean, declutter, and update or repair. These three steps help prepare your home for its digital close-up. In particular, luxury homebuyers will spend their time scrutinizing every last detail of your online listing. They'll notice if you've taken great care to try and impress them with the presentation of your property and prove the value of your home.

Create an Appealing Listing

The point of mastering the basics becomes apparent when creating your online listing. Your home's digital curb is what initially attracts the high-end buyers you seek. Professional, high-quality photos instantly set your home apart from those that take a DIY approach. Detailed, well-written descriptions enhance both a listing's informative qualities and its ability to capture a buyer's attention. In both cases, ensure the listing is an accurate representation of the home. Buyers will know if you've embellished any details when they physically tour it.

List Far and Wide

Certainly, your online listing will find a home on the MLS. Ensuring it lands on major real estate websites—, Trulia, and Zillow— is also a must. Beyond those essential listing services, however, you'll want to cast a wide net. Additional online avenues include your realtor's website and potentially developing a standalone landing page or website for your property. The latter two options allow your home space to shine online, away from the directory-like feel of listing sites. A standalone site also gives you a chance to tell your home's story, proving beneficial if you're trying to move a multi-million dollar property.

Make It a Social Affair

Whether it's a complete listing via Facebook or a quick mention through Twitter, don't be shy about sharing your property via social media. The various platforms that connect us socially are even better at promoting products and services for sale, including luxury housing. Even better, use your home's listing website or landing page to collect names and emails of interested parties to build an email list and engage with them directly. Networking efforts are great for individual home sales but carry even more urgency if you're an investor or home seller with several properties to market.

Partner With a Savvy Real Estate Agent

Finally, while you might be inclined to make a solo online sale, the process is made considerably easier if you work alongside an expert in the field. Partnering with a marketing-savvy real estate agent alleviates you of the burden of making a hundred different decisions. The top agents understand digital advertising tactics and how to appeal to a wide swath of potential buyers. They will also connect you with the professionals that will make your home shine online through staging, photography, copy, and an enhanced web presence.

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