5 Ways Social Media Can Sell Your Home


Every year, more people begin their home search online. The power of utilizing social media when selling your home cannot be underestimated.


Discover How to Give You and Your Property an Advantage

Every year, more people begin their home search online. The power of utilizing social media when selling your home cannot be underestimated. Let’s break down key ways we can use social media to our advantage when selling.

Work With a Social Media-Savvy Agent

Let them navigate the world of social media for you. As a significant portion of real estate search and communication has moved online during the pandemic, working with an agent who knows how to sell homes on social media can be a huge advantage. Hire an agent who has a strong presence on Instagram and Facebook—this will help determine how effective the agent can be when exposing prospective buyers to your listing, and consequently, how quickly your house will sell.

High-Quality Photography and Video Is a Must

Online imagery will be the first impression prospective buyers will have of your home. Investing in professional photography and videography will capture your home in the most flattering light and encourage buyers to explore your listing more thoroughly. Upload these images to Instagram and Facebook. In the caption, be sure to include contact information and a brief description highlighting what is shown in the images. The high-quality, eye-popping imagery will help compel buyers to reach out. 

Invest in a Facebook Ad

This is an incredibly precise and effective tool not to be overlooked. Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the world, and its advertisements can target people by their interests, location, and behaviors. The specific market you want to cater to for your home probably uses Facebook regularly, and these advertisements can put your listing directly in front of their eyes. No other advertising platform offers this high degree of certainty, and using Facebook ads will make your listing’s online presence more robust.

Instagram Hashtags

When used with precision, Instagram tags can be another potentially useful tool. Once professional imagery of your home has been produced, you and your real estate agent should post them on your respected Instagram accounts. Confer with your agent to determine key hashtags to use—such as #LuxuryCondo, #MasterBath, or #FullServiceBuilding—to ensure your listing pops up when prospective buyers are searching for said features. This will help direct traffic to your listing and increase your pool of potential buyers.

Virtual Tours

Providing a virtual tour will improve the marketability of your listing in multiple ways. It will provide potential buyers a more complete image of your home, and you can continue to highlight the property’s best features to lure their interest. Virtual tours can also increase the number of potential buyers, as people in other states will be able to experience the property without going there in person. Finally, this feature will give a buyer more to reference when considering your property—an aspect which can only work in your favor.

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