Bill Mar

Bill Mar


Get to Know Me

Bill is a seasoned real estate broker and has been working in the real estate industry since 2003. With his professional and personal experience buying and selling homes in the San Francisco Bay Area, Bill has built up a wealth of local market knowledge and noteworthy experiences while working with his wealthy clients. For Bill, nothing is more important than walking his clients through their real estate journey step by step. A firm believer in supporting his clients through big decisions, Bill always strives to understand their needs to build long-term relationships and connections. 
As a top-performing Realtor who constantly analyzes the market, Bill consistently brings high-performing properties to the market for clients interested in real estate investments. He also helps investors find the most compatible property for their financial profile to maximize returns on investments.
Born in Taipei, Taiwan, Bill migrated to San Francisco when he was 10 years old. He studied International Business at San Francisco State University, where he developed his business acumen and people skills. Before he started his career as an agent, Bill took on the challenge as a financial specialist at Wachovia Bank where he provided one-on-one consultations on financial solutions for high net-worth clients. Within a year, Bill was ranked among the top 10 producers in the country. From this achievement, Bill gained a serious financial astuteness that continues to distinguish him from other agents. First motivated to dive into the real estate industry while purchasing his own home, Bill realized that he wanted to offer more personalized experiences and services for his clients.
As a well-rounded Realtor, Bill is experienced with residential transactions but is moving more toward commercial listings as well. He covers the entire Bay Area, particularly residences in San Francisco and the Peninsula.